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Tenaj Salon Institute is located in The Villages, Florida. It is a small private for-profit school and offers undergrad programs. It has 130 undergraduate students enrolled.

Most students major in Personal and Culinary Services. 82% of students graduate.

🗺 11915 Cr 103
The Villages, Florida 32162
Mission The Tenaj Salon Institute’s mission is to provide the highest level of education in the arts and sciences of Cosmetology through classroom and clinical application. We are committed to successful graduation with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain gainful employment in the beauty industry. The Tenaj Salon Institute maintains educational systems and programs that are updated constantly with the newest professional techniques to keep the student’s interests first and our education quality high.
🌐 www.tenajsaloninstitute.edu
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Graduation Rate
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Graduation Rate

within 6 years
Return on Education
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What's the return on the cost of your education?

Tuition vs. Earnings

Annual Costs and Earnings
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education
Note: Housing costs are for on-campus housing.
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Student-Faculty Ratio

students per faculty
Graduate School
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Can you go to grad school at Tenaj Salon Institute?

Highest degree: Non-degree granting
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Undergraduate Focus




Total Students

undergrads and grad students

Students over 25

Student Diversity
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Who will be your classmates?


of undergraduates


of undergraduates

Are there more men or more women?

Mostly Women

Tenaj Salon Institute has significantly more female students than male students.

This means that for every 100 women, there are 3 men. Or that for every 100 men, there are 3233 women.

Undergraduate Student Diversity at Tenaj Salon Institute

Percent of Undergrads
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education

Student Age

Percent of Undergrads
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education
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What do students at Tenaj Salon Institute study?

Tenaj Salon Institute Popular Majors

Percent of Students
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education

Most students study Personal and Culinary Services at Tenaj Salon Institute.

Student Satisfaction
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Will you be happy at Tenaj Salon Institute?

Undergrad Full-Time Student Retention Rate


Student retention rate is an indicator of student satisfaction. Retention rate is the percentage of students who continue to study at the college the following year.

Higher retention rates mean students tend to stay at the college, while lower retention rates students are unsatisfied and leave.

Tenaj Salon Institute has a retention rate of 80% for full-time undergrads, which is neither high nor low.

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Tenaj Salon Institute has no students who transfer here.

Politics in Florida
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Presidential Election Results of 2016


Politically, Florida tends to be About even. In the 2016 Presidential election, 47% of the state voted for the Democratic party, 49% voted for the Republican party, and 2% voted for neither.