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Acceptance Rate


Acceptance Rate by Gender

Percent of Applicants

Tuition & Fees


Yeshivath Beth Moshe is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is a very small private not-for-profit school and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. It has 34 undergraduate students enrolled and admission is selective with an acceptance rate of 91.7%.

Most students major in Theology and Religious Vocations. 10% of students graduate.

🗺 930 Hickory Street
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505
Mission The purpose is to establish, maintain, and conduct a college division in accordance with the requirements of AARTS and the U.S. Dept. of Education; and to teach students of all ages the history, philosophy, ethics, traditions, culture and purposes of the Jewish Orthodox Faith, particularly, but not by way of limitation, as set forth in the Torah, Prophets, Writings, Code of Laws, Talmud, Tractates and Commentaries pertaining to such studies.
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Yeshivath Beth Moshe has around 12 applicants, all of whom are men and of whom 91.7% are admitted.

Of the students admitted, 36% decide to enroll at Yeshivath Beth Moshe. This is the admissions yield. A higher admisssions yield means students want to attend the school. A lower one means that they decided to attend another school.

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Who applies to Yeshivath Beth Moshe?

Number of Applicants


Number of Applicants per Spot

per spot

Male Applicants

Acceptance Rate
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Getting into Yeshivath Beth Moshe

Yeshivath Beth Moshe Acceptance Rate


Getting in

Less Selective

Male Acceptance Rate

School Popularity
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Do Students Want to Go to Yeshivath Beth Moshe?

Yeshivath Beth Moshe Admissions Yield

of accepted students choose to go to Yeshivath Beth Moshe

Male Admissions Yield

Admission Test Scores Neither required nor recommended
High School GPA Neither required nor recommended
High School Rank Neither required nor recommended
High School Record Recommended
Complete High School Required
Recommendations Required
Formal Demonstration of Competencies Neither required nor recommended
College Requirements
Graduation Rate
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Graduation Rate

within 6 years

Men Graduation Rate


Undergrad Graduation Rate

Percent of Students
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education
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Can you afford to attend Yeshivath Beth Moshe?

Average Cost After Financial Aid

for one year
Source: Dept. of Education

Published Tuition & Fees

Excludes housing Source: Dept. of Education
How much debt will you graduate with?
Yeshivath Beth Moshe Financial Aid

Students Receiving Financial Aid

of students
Source: Dept. of Education

To learn more and apply for financial aid at Yeshivath Beth Moshe you can visit yeshivabethmoshe.com.

Yeshivath Beth Moshe Tuition and Room & Board

Out-of-State Tuition

Total Cost: $12,600
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education

In-State Tuition

Total Cost: $12,600
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education
Return on Education
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What's the return on the cost of your education?

Tuition vs. Earnings

Annual Costs and Earnings
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education
Note: Housing costs are for on-campus housing.
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Student-Faculty Ratio

students per faculty
Graduate School
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Can you go to grad school at Yeshivath Beth Moshe?

Highest degree: Doctor's degree
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Undergraduate Focus




Total Students

undergrads and grad students

Student Median Household Income

per year
(compared to U.S. median household income of $61,372 in 2017) Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education, U.S. Census Bureau
Student Diversity
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Who will be your classmates?


of undergraduates

Are there more men or more women?

All Men

Yeshivath Beth Moshe has only male students.

Undergraduate Student Diversity at Yeshivath Beth Moshe

Percent of Undergrads
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education

Student Age

Percent of Undergrads
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education
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What do students at Yeshivath Beth Moshe study?

Yeshivath Beth Moshe Popular Majors

Percent of Students
Source: College Benchmark, Dept. of Education

Most students study Theology and Religious Vocations at Yeshivath Beth Moshe.

Student Satisfaction
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Will you be happy at Yeshivath Beth Moshe?

Undergrad Full-Time Student Retention Rate


Students Who Transfer Out of Yeshivath Beth Moshe


Student retention rate is an indicator of student satisfaction. Retention rate is the percentage of students who continue to study at the college the following year.

Higher retention rates mean students tend to stay at the college, while lower retention rates students are unsatisfied and leave.

Yeshivath Beth Moshe has a retention rate of 89% for full-time undergrads, which is high.

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Undergraduate Transfers

3% of undergraduates

Transfer In Rate


Yeshivath Beth Moshe has around 1 students who transfer into the school each year. This is fairly low at approximately 3% of total undergraduates.

Higher transfer in rates mean that students see Yeshivath Beth Moshe as better than the college they were previously enrolled in. Higher rates also mean that there will be more new faces on campus.

Living in Scranton, Pennsylvania
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City Violent Crime Rate per 100,000

in 2017
Source: FBI

City Rape Rate per 100,000

in 2017
Source: FBI
Politics in Pennsylvania
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Presidential Election Results of 2016


Politically, Pennsylvania tends to be About even. In the 2016 Presidential election, 48% of the state voted for the Democratic party, 48% voted for the Republican party, and 2% voted for neither.